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Tired of feelings that you are getting old and rationalizing that it is part of the aging process. Frustrated with conventional medicine where your symptoms are dismissed as psychological or treated clinically with prescription drugs?

Unfortunately, most healthcare professionals are not trained to effectively evaluate or diagnose the symptoms problematic with hormone deficiencies in men and women or to effectively treat your complaints by offering real solutions. We can help.

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Our results show that our patients:

Lose about 12-20 pounds per month; Have decreased appetite; Have increased metabolism; Dramatically lower body fat; Improve health; Look and feel great with increased energy; Learn which foods to eat and foods to avoid to promote weight loss.

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

For Men and Women

BHRT is the treatment of the hormone deficiencies caused by menopause and andropause. Using only molecules that are identical to the endogenous hormones found in the human body. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy differs from traditional hormone replacement therapy which includes animal-derived and invented molecules that are similar to, but not identical, to human hormones.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is safe, effective and the results are dramatic and immediate. BHRT can improve the look and feel of hair and skin, promote weight loss, improve sex drive, improve mental health, lower cholesterol levels, decrease risk of osteoporosis, decrease risk of heart attack and stroke and much more.

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Citrus County FL gynecology primary care weight loss

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